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  • Emergency Station
  • Fireplace Heater

Emergency Station

  • Emergency power source kit with many uses
  • Perfect necessity for power outages
  • 3 pieces 5-Watt fluorescent light bulbs
  • Radio with AM/FM bands
  • 26V lead-acid rechargeable batteries
  • 1 battery powers one light for up to 12 hours
  • Switch to easily toggle between batteries
  • 3 cord lengths for lights: 11.5', 16.5', and 23'
  • LED indicators for power supply
  • Battery cables
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor
  • Optional solar panel available
  • Real storage compartment
  • Recharge with AC, battery cables, cigarette lighter, or solar panel (optional)
  • Patent Pending

Fireplace Heater

  • Black finish steel
  • Up to 20.00 BTUs
  • 36" x 26" x 22"
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